Thursday, December 16, 2010

Instant Mysore Rasam Powder

Instant Mysore Rasam Powder
Mysore rasam is a delicious item mostly made in the south Indian kitchens and this item has not found a place in hotel menus. For making this rasam the ingredients have to be well proportioned. I have improvised a readymade mix. Whenever there is aguest or I run out of time, I use this mix to make this rasam in a jiffy. Please read on the prep for this item:
¼ cup Toor dal
½ cup Channa dal
3 cups Coriander seeds
¼ cup Black pepper
1/8 cup Cumin seeds
½ cup Dry coconut powder
3 tsp. Ghee
In a fry pan, sauté ingredients in 3 tsp. ghee to a light brown colour. Allow it to cool and grind into a powder with dry coconut powder. The instant Mysore rasam mix is ready. Just boil this powder in water for 5 minutes and is ready for consumption.
Store in a fridge/ freezer for future use.

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