Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Dal Obbat/Poli

1 Channa dall                     1 cup
2 Toor dall ----                     1 cup
3 Jaggery                            2 1/2 cup  or 3 cup
4  Cardamom                      8
5  Maida                              4 cups 
6 Salt                                  1/4  spoon
7Termarick powder            1/2 spoon 
8 Oil                                   3spoon 
9Rice  flour                         1cup
            Microwave  the two dalls for 3 mins,Then  pressure  cook  the  dall  into  soft ,cool it  then grind  in the mixi  with cardamom in to smooth  paste. Add  the jaggery  and  keep in to the microwave for 3 mins  to remove the moisture. After  it is free from moisture, make it  into lemon size balls  and keep ready which is the filler for the maida dough.
Take  maida  salt  termaric powder  mix  well with  2 1/2  cup of water  and  apply  oil  cover it and keep for  1/2 hour to make it raise and to soften
Then  take a  lemon  size of  dough  and make it in to  small poori   keep the filling as per previous step  and  cover it  and  roll it  like  roti  with the help of rice flour  and cook on a tawa  two side lightly applying  little ghee.


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