Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kichadi(Upma)(Khara Bath)

There are n number of variants to this easy to make delicasy and in this page I describe my way of preparing it.
2 cups                       Rava
1"                              Ginger, cut into bits
7 Nos                         Green chillies, bits
1/2                              Lemon, small
1/2 tsp                        Mustard seeds
1 tsp                           Urad dal
1 tsp                           Channa dal
1-2                              Red Chilli
2 tsp                           Salt
2 tsp                           Ghee
6 tsp                           Oil
few                             Curry leaves
Few stalks                 Coriander leaves
6-8 nos                       Cashew nuts, in bits
1/2 tsp                        Ghram masala powder
Heat a pan, saute the rava in 2 tsp ghee till it turns light brown. remove from pan and keep aside.
Next, heat the pan, pour oil, fry  cashew bits to medium brown, remove. Now splutter mustard seeds with urad dal, red chillies, ginger bits and split green chillies. Add 4 cups of water to this mix, 2 tsp salt and allow it to boil. Now slowly drop sauted rava, stirring briskly so as not to make lumps. When the contents reach a  smooth consistency, stop the stove and cover the pan with lid. Drop the previously roasted cashew bits, gharam masala, curry leaves, mix well and top the kichadi with coriander leaves and a dash of lemon juice.
Relish with ginger chutney(refer previous post)

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