Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deepavali special - Onion Sambar

1. Onion (1)
2. Tomato (1)
3. Curry leaves (few)

Sambar base:
4. Iyengar Sambar powder(2 tsp)
5. 777 Sambar powder (1 tsp)
6. Tamarind paste(Lakshmi) - 3/4 tsp
7. Salt
8. Turmeric Powder pinch
9.  Asafoetida pinch
10. Toor dhal (cooked)

11. Oil 1 tsp
12. Fenugreek seeds few

Begin by heating oil and adding fenugreek seeds. Add cut Onion and saute till it becomes brown then add 3 cups of water. Now add a pinch turmeric powder, asafoetida, sambar powder, salt to taste, tamarind paste and curry leaves. At this point add tomato too . Let it boil for few minutes. Then add the cooked dhal to it and let it simmer for some time. If it gets too watery add fried gram / besan / rice flour. Alternatively adding potatos/ yellow pumpkin to sambar will help maintain sambar consistency.

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