Thursday, November 25, 2010


This a wholesome snack. A little effort is needed, but the end result will be very satisfying.
2 Cups                       Rice floor
¼ cup                         urad dal
½ cup                         fried grams(dalia, pottu kadalai)
¼ cup                         ground nut(pea nut)
¼ cup                         coconut-grated
1 tsp                          red chilli powder
1 tsp                          salt
½ tsp                          asafetida
2 tsp                          til seeds(sesame)
½ tsp                          cumin seeds
300gms(approx)    oil
Few                            curry leaves

·  Microwave the rice floor for 2 minutes or sauté in empty pan to remove moisture, if any. Allow it to cool.
·  Fry urad dal to light brown colour. Powder urad dal together with pea nut and fried gram
<   · In a wide mouth bowl, mix rice floor, salt, sesame seeds, grated coconut and asafetida well. In this add the powdered peanut-fried gram-urad dal. Add 6 tsp hot cooking oil and mix all these contents. Now add water to make a soft dough.

Rounding up: Heat the cooking oil in a frying pot. Take a small quantity of the mixed dough, make it a ball and flatten into circular thattais of desired size. Better pre-prapare the thattais to be fried to make enough for each frying batch. As one batch is frying next batch to be fried will be ready. Take the fried thattai from the pot when it turns light brown. Pat dry oil or strain.
Note: One can try making the thattai in oven, but at a discount to taste since oil without doubt enhances it.


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