Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gooseberry Chutney

Gooseberry Chutney
In the realm of culinary world, gooseberries have many uses. Pickles(boiled as well as raw) with spices, preserved in salt water or in honey, cut gooseberry dried in sun to make pickles when it is not season for this fruit. There can be endless uses for gooseberry.
Health benefits are numerous being rich in vitamin C; it is considered an elixir of life. Taking one gooseberry preserved and seasoned in honey is believed to promote health and immunity. In chyavanaprash this is the main ingredient.
Recently I chanced to find in my daughter’s freezer a few old but well preserved gooseberries and as it
was meager to make pickle or any other use, I remembered this chutney which I learnt from my m-i-l.
5                              Gooseberries
4                              Green chilli
¼ cup                    conut scraping
1 tsp                      salt
1 tsp                      oil
¼ tsp                     Mustard              
½ tsp                     urad dal
Few                       curry leaves
Remove the seeds from the gooseberries, add chilli, salt, coconut scrapings and grind them all together. Garnish with  splutterd mustard-urad dal and curry leaves. This chutney goes well with rice and as a side dish with any meal.  

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